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Imagine if tomorrow your house just flew up into the air Wizard of Oz style? How would you feel? What would you miss the most? Luckily violent tornadoes are a virtually impossible occurrence in the UK but sadly other things do happen resulting in damage to your home and it’s contents. It’s so important to have these things protected for peace of mind, so should the worst happen you’re protected. This is even more vital if you’re a landlord and entrusting others, often people you don’t know, to live in and maintain your property.

At B&G we will advise you on different types of home insurance and the various options available; ensuring that you have the right level of cover by fully understanding your family’s needs. We will make sure to discuss the terms and conditions of our recommendations so that you never get caught out should you have to claim.

Listed are the 3 main cover options available.  Whilst we appreciate that these policies all incur costs, the monthly payments tend to be fairly low, affordable and pale in insignificance to the inconvenience and expense of not having the cover should something happen; so give us a call today and we’ll find the right policy for you!

Buildings Insurance
What a lot of people don’t realise is that buildings insurance covers not just structural damage to your home but also permanent fixtures and fittings too. So if you need to repair anything in your bathroom or kitchen this tends to be covered by buildings and not content insurance. These repairs can be at a considerable cost so it makes sense to invest in buildings insurance when the average cost generally works out at less than the cost of your favourite takeaway a month.

At B&G we will talk you through the different policy benefits, what is and is not covered, to find the best policy for you and your home.
Contents Insurance
We know that many of your belongings have deep personal value and are irreplaceable. However should the worst happen it is comforting to know you will receive a payout to help replace necessities like furniture and electrical goods.

At B&G we have extensive knowledge of the numerous options available and what they do and do not cover so that if you ever need to claim there are no nasty surprises. Everything you expect to be paid out for, is.
Landlord Cover
Did you know that standard home insurance can be invalidated if you lease your property to tenants? Landlord cover is more comprehensive and can provide insurance of the building and furnishings as well as protecting your rental income and potential liabilities. This is especially important should you be considered at fault for injuries to tenants inside your property.

At B&G we will guide you through the basic cover and additional extras so that you can decide which policy is correct for you and the properties you lease.
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