Estate Planning

Many people hear the phrase estate planning and falsely believe it only applies to the super wealthy with acres of land. In basic terms estate planning is simply making provisions to decide what happens to your assets and affairs when you die or become incapacitated, which, essentially, makes it applicable to everyone! The last thing you want is those left behind to be uncertain about your wishes, leading to more upset, during times of loss.

At B&G we will guide you through the various provisions that the market offers but more importantly we will get to know you and fully understand your personal needs in order to ensure you have a bespoke and satisfactory plan in place for when the time comes.

Planning ahead can help make sure your relatives get the most out of their inheritance.

Below are some of the key services we recommend but please do give us a call and we will listen intently to your requirements and then talk you through the best options for you.

We know planning for death can be morbid and unsettling but unlike many advisors that focus solely on the financials, we have heart, appreciate that these conversations can be tough ones and will support you through the process. Get in touch today and we will not only put you at ease but will assist you in being fully prepared.

Wills & Trusts
Deciding who has what after you’re gone can be both a painful and arduous task. It can get even more complicated if you have a large family, share your property with someone not recognised as your partner by law, own a business, or have some overseas property.

At B&G we not only guide you through the process, but we make sure your wishes fulfil the requirements to make the will legally valid. We can also assist rapidly with any updates or alterations you may need to make.
Power of Attorney
Originally solicitors would be the ones to organise this but their costs can be prohibitive. Appointing the right person and completing the process correctly is essential as they’ll be the ones in charge of making your health and financial decisions whilst you’re still alive. Without them the state will implement health and welfare choices if you're no longer able to do so, such as the type of care provided. You’ll also not be able to access joint bank accounts and mortgages without one if you develop a debilitating condition such as dementia. At B&G we guide you through your options, explain ramifications and assist you in the process of securely and efficiently having your chosen POA in place.
Funeral Plans
Due to spiralling costs an increasing number UK funerals are now paid for in advance with prepaid funerals plans. This is understandable when you consider even the most basic of funerals cost has increased dramatically over recent years. It also gives you the advantage of ensuring your relatives aren't ripped off in times of distress and avoids cash flow problems in times of need.

At B&G we will guide you through the various plans on offer from standard to top level and work with you to find the right plan for you both in terms of payments and packages.
The Small Print

Wills, Trust, Estate Planning, Powers of Attorney, and Funeral Planning are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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