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No matter how prepared you are, as we’ve all witnessed this year, sometimes life does not go to plan. Dealing with curveballs and changes in circumstances are facts of life in adulthood but having the reassurance that you’re financially secure in times of uncertainty is priceless!

At B&G we consider it a duty of care to take you through the numerous, and often mind boggling, protection plans on offer at a high level so that you develop your understanding of the market and all that is available. Next, we will spend time learning about you and your family’s lifestyle and needs so that our proposals are tailored specifically to offer the best protection for you and your family.

We will guide you through, so you feel confident that you’ve made the right decision when selecting from our recommendations.

Our key protection areas are listed below, but with so much variety within the market it can be an absolute minefield so please do get in touch for free advice without obligation, as there’s nothing worse than selecting a generic product that appears to be good value at the time but is often lacking the scope of cover that’s needed.

Life Cover
There’s huge comfort in knowing that your loved ones will be financially supported in the event of your death. Receiving a lump sum to assist in times of grief is a godsend to most families. Let us guide you through the options so that you feel secure that your family will be ok even if the worst does happen to you.

At B&G we will review your circumstances and assess which plan provides the optimum cover for you and your loved ones.
Critical Illness
We know that everyone's personal circumstances are different and that needs vary, but it’s important to consider how your mortgage will be paid if you're diagnosed with a critical illness. Will your existing savings and potential provisions be enough to cover repayments, medical expenses and maintain your lifestyle? The answers to these questions may make the need for cover more apparent.

At B&G we will take you through these difficult questions and explain the types of cover available so that you can make the right decisions to secure both your own and your family's future with a one off lump sum payout in the event of a critical diagnosis.
Income Protection
This is the least discussed but, in our eyes, most important area of protection. We all know some time off work can be fun but when you have to be off work due to illness or incapacity the last thing you want to be worrying about is keeping up with the mortgage repayments and where the money will come from to continue paying your essential bills. Income protection ensures that your lost income is replaced whilst you’re unable to work, providing security and peace of mind.

At B&G we will guide you through the various policy options, evaluating the pros and cons then recommending the cover most suited to you and your family.
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We care about your experience. Fill in your details and we’ll contact you shortly.

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